Actually, A Mat That Drips No Oil

oil drip mat

You have these in different areas of your living and working environments where you tend to be most active, physically speaking. But in many cases, with these mats, you end up making more work for yourself. Take that old mat at your kitchen sink, for instance. It is there for a purpose. To keep water from dropping to the floor. But the water, dirty water, ends up being soaked right into this mat. So, not only are you busy with the dishes, you are now saddled with having to clean a rather grubby mat as well.

Not only that, this mat presents you with other problems and inconveniences too. It kind of slips a lot, doesn’t it? And this is preventing you from doing your chores good and proper like. So, here is a small suggestion. Maybe it’s not small. Maybe this is the best idea since butter on sliced bread. Hmm. Butter is very greasy. And bread spills a lot of crumbs. Very attractive to varmints very good at hiding away from you behind kitchen cupboards and garage doors. So, how about this suggestion then? Make better use of one of the most versatile and formidable mats ever.

They’re calling it the oil drip mat. It’s been designed specifically for garage use. Work for the DIY workshop, a space where you usually make quite a lot of mess. The mat was specifically designed for auto workshops where, needless to say, oil spillage is most likely and at high rates too. Who’s to say that you won’t be spilling any oil in your kitchen? Not motor car oil, silly. But fish frying oil, cooking oil and even your very good nut oil, sesame seed oil and the versatile and healthy wholesome olive oil.

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